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Vienna FKK Nude Beach Map

From James Martin,
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Nudism is allowed at the south east Donauinsel in Vienna

Reader Wolfgang submitted the following detailed explanation of how to get to Vienna's celebrated nudist beach on the Donauinsel. The map shows the final location on the Danube west of Vienna, Austria.

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Getting to the Nude Beach in Vienna--Wolfgang's Instructions

I am an Austrian guy and I want to inform you that the largest nudist beach in Austria is in Vienna in the south east part of the so called DONAUINSEL. This is an artificial island in the middle of river Danube and the Nudist area is beginning from Steinspornbrücke (marked on the map)--look for FKK written on the roads--down to the south east end of Donauinsel.

If you are in Vienna with a car, you drive down the Kaisermühlendamm (for example, if you come from the Südosttangente and cross river Danube you will take Exit Ölhafen Lobau) and follow the road till you see a large Factory (oil refinery) on the left hand. When You see railway carriages on the left side, look for a parking place on the next 2 to 3 kilometers (lots of parking space in the morning till about 11am on sunny days--on weekends the parking situation can be bad after 9am). It is also possible to get there by bus Line 91A Station Roter Hiasl. You can get there also by bike, the whole Donauinsel has lots of bike roads. Leave the car walk up the dam (right side of the road) and down to the water--everywhere is Nudist Beach without any entry fee to pay. You can cross the water on two bridges and a swimming bridge to get to the Donauinsel which is nudist beach too. There are some restaurants on the dam in the area of the nudist beach where it is no problem to dine nude. A ice cream man is driving around the area he or she sells also beverages (I don' t know if this is everyday but it is certainly at the weekend).

There is no Nudist Club it is all free.

Editor's note: The area directly across from the marker on the Donauinsel is mapped on many internet maps as a gay beach.

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