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Wireless Hotspots in Europe - Finding WiFi Hotspots

Finding wireless or WiFi hotspots in Europe has become easier in the last few years. Here are sites that enable you to find WiFi hotspots--nodes that allow access to wireless local area networks (wlan).

Jiwire WiFi Hotspot Finder
Jiwire WiFi Hotspot Finder allows you to find wireless hotspots not only in Europe but around the world. It's pretty much the easiest WiFi hotspot finder to use.

Free Wifi hotstpots in Europe
Great list of free wireless (wifi) hotspots in Europe.

802.11b Community Network List
Text page of worldwide community wireless networks. Most pages in their language of origin.

Paris - Wireless Internet Cafes
A list of wireless access in Paris and a few other places, most free. Click on Version Francais, then on the check mark icon (there isn't an English version at time of writing).

wlan - wifi hotspots for wireless nomads
Worldwide wireless nodes are databased here. Chose a location and see the connections available.

Costa installs wireless Lan hotspots
Article about the Costa chain of coffee shops joining the Hilton Hotel chain in adding wireless lan hotspots in the UK.

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