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Pictures of Worms, Germany

Come along with us as we explore Worms, the city on the Rhine


The historic center of Worms is fascinating. Europe's oldest Jewish cemetery stands on the southwest corner, not far from the enormous Romanesque Cathedral of Worms, where Martin Luther stood fast to his beliefs and defended the thesis that led to the Reformation. The remains of the medieval city walls appear sporadically and dramatically at the periphery of the old town. The Romanesque Andreas church is now the Museum der Stadt Worms, the city museum, which holds Europe's largest collection of Roman glass and is an interesting bit of architecture in itself.

Join us for a virtual tour of the tourist sites of Worms, Germany. Click each thumbnail picture to see it larger.

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worms germany picture, In the southwest cornerPicture of the Jewish cemetery in Worms, Germany.worms germany picturePicture of houses in the Jewish quarter of Worms, Germany.worms germany picturePicture of Worms' waterfront promenade and trees.worms germany picturePicture of the gate on Nibelungen bridge - the Symbol of Worms
worms germany picturePicture of Kolb's biergarten along the Rhine in Worms.worms germany picturePicure of Worms City Museum, inside the former St Andrew’s collegiate church.worms germany picturePicture of Martin Luther books inside the Museum of the city of Worms.
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