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Europe Travel: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
European Clothing Sizes - Europe Clothing size...
Sizes are different in Europe and the UK. You'll need to convert your US sizes to European sizes if you're planning on shopping in Europe.
Electricity in Europe - Power Sockets and Plugs
Power sockets in Europe, things you need to know about plugging into electrical sockets in Europe. Power from European electrical outlets is different than it is in the US.
Map of Italy | Best Italian Cities to Visit
Map of Italy showing the best Italian cities to visit with useful information for planning an Italian vacation.
How You Can Get from Rome's International...
Schedules and cost of the Leonardo Express, the shuttle service between Rome Termini and Fiumicino airport. Rome airport to Termini Central Station transportation information.
Cinque Terre Map and Travel Guide
A map of Italy's Cinque Terre, showing the five villages and information on how to get around and where to stay in this interesting slice of Ligurian coast.
6 Ways to Reach Venice From the Airport
How to get from Venice Marco Polo Airport to the city of Venice using public transportation or private car. Venice transportation options.
Europe and US Country Size Comparison Map - How...
Size comparison map shows the difference in size of western Europe and the US or United States. Interactive map allows you to position your state over any country in Europe.
Europe Map - European Travel Planning Map
A travel planning map for Europe linking to all the individual country maps on Europe for Visitors. Find information on travel in European countries and distances between cities.
Travel Light with These 10 Carry-On Bags
These bags are certified carry-on luggage and may be all you need for that trip to Europe when you're determined to travel light and carry on your stuff.
Italy Rail Map | Train Routes in Italy
A map of rail lines in Italy and Sicily, public transportation travel planning along train routes in Italy and Sicily with information on ticketing and Italian rail passes.
Italy's Stunning Cinque Terre: A Town-to-Town...
If you are setting out to walk between the villages of the Cinque Terre, you'll probably arrive at one
How You Should Plan for Your Solo Trip to Europe
A timeline for planning your first trip to Europe. What paperwork you need to take care of, what to bring, transportation and accommodation planning and more.
Buying the Right GSM Cellular Phone for Europe
Cellular phones and what you need to know about the purchase of the right GSM cellular phone and SIM card for use in Europe.
Traveling with your ATM card--it's all the rage!
You've heard that using an Automated Teller Machine (ATM) in Europe is the way to go. Find out the pros and cons of ATM usage in Europe.
Europe Distances - Europe Distance Calculator
European distances calculator featuring driving distances for major cities in western Europe and train times between European cities.
Map of Paris Train Stations and Transfer...
Paris Train Stations Map and information on the six major Paris train stations with public transportation connections for each station.
Rome Airport to Termini Station Transportation...
Traveling to Rome? Here's how to get from Fiumicino Airport (Leonardo di Vinci) to Rome's Termini Station using the train.
How to Get Around Florence
Florence Italy transportation options: Airports, trains, buses and bus lines, taxis, parking and other transportation information for Florence.
Visiting the French Wine Regions | France Wine...
Map of the wine regions of France and information on tasting wines and when to visit the wine regions.
Italy Region Map | Europe Travel
An interactive map of the 20 regions in Italy, click on the regional name on the map for a more detailed map of that region.
Gas Prices in Europe - European Gasoline and...
Gas prices will have a bearing on your European vacation budget. Get the latest gas and diesel fuel prices, learn how to save money on gas and diesel fuel.
Paris to Rome - How to Get From Paris to Rome
How to get from Paris to Rome. The Paris to Rome route can be covered by bus, train, car, and airplane.
Azores Islands Travel Tips
The Azores islands are an interesting travel destination for people looking for active vacations in a beautiful island setting. Essential travel information on the Azores.
Europe Travel - How Much Does a Typical Europe...
How much does Europe travel cost these days? Well, maybe it'd help if you looked at what I paid for gas, leased car, hotels and restaurant food and get some frugal tips for your vacation along the way.
Suggested Itineraries - The Best of Europe's...
A seaside itinerary that covers the Mediterranean coasts of Spain, France, and Italy, the best of the Med.
Rome for Free - Attractions for Frugal Travelers
Rome free? Yep, there's lots you can do for free in Rome. Here are my top ten picks for free things to do in Rome, Italy.
Provence Map and Travel Guide
Provence map showing the best cities to travel to in the popular region of the south of France.
ATM Cards and Foreign Transaction Fees - Four...
ATM cards tested for the lowest fees. If you're staying a while in Europe, ATM fees on your foreign ATM transactions can add up.
Normandy Map | Top Cities and D-Day Beach...
Normandy map showing the D-Day beaches at Normandy and the best cities and villages to visit.
Romantic Road Map
Map of the Romantic Road in Germany, including highlights of the cities along the Romantic Road and where to stay information.
Map Sicily | Italy Travel Guide
Sicily travel guide with city map, featuring train, ferry and road travel information. Sicily is a fascinating Island that's easy to get to from the south of Italy. Here is a map of Sicily with information on how to get to the island and how to get around, as well as some suggestions on what to see in Sicily.
Need a car in Europe? There are alternatives to...
Should you rent or lease a car on your holiday? A guide to help you choose between car hire and the French buy back lease offered to the tourist in Europe.
Spain Rail Map - Train Routes in Spain
A Spain rail map for planning train travel in Spain. Rail routes for AVE and regional trains and other train information.
Belgium, Europe's Best Kept Travel Secret!
Belgium as a travel destination has a lot of charm packed into a small area. You'll get around quickly and cheaply, enjoy great food and beer, and discover wonderful medieval cities in Belgium.
Villa d'Este, Tivoli Travel Guide
A day trip out of Rome that can be combined with a trip to Hadrian's Villa, the Villa d'Este is an 18th century Villa and Gardens with fabulous fountains and water works.
Lucca Guide, A Jewel of a Walled City in Tuscany
Lucca, the concise guide to the Tuscan walled city. Lucca has many attractions for the tourist, including intact ramparts you can walk or bike around.
Europe Map - Distances Between Cities in...
A travel planning map for Europe showing driving distances and average train times for travel in Europe.
Germany Map - Travel Map and Tourism Information
Map of Germany showing major tourist sites. Use the map to plan your vacation in Germany.
Travel Budgeting - Budget Your Travel to be...
Travel budgeting tips. Information on how to budget your vacation so you can enjoy it. Tips on being frugal rather than cheap while you budget your vacation
International Phone Calls - Dialing Tips for...
Having trouble phoning a number in Europe? Here we decifer the calling codes so you can figure it out.
The Best Big Cities of Europe: The Curmudgeon's...
So what are the best big cities for tourists to visit in Europe? Well, here are my selections for Europe's top big city destinations.
October in Europe - Festivals and Other Things...
October is my favorite time to visit Europe. Our list of things to do will show you why.
Things you need to know about using your credit...
You trust that your good credit will allow you to purchase anything you want when you travel--but with increasing interest in fraud, you may be wrong.
Travel With Pets | Taking Your Pet to Europe
Taking your pet to Europe these days requires lots of advance preparation, including microchipping and rabies tests. Here's a reader's experience with taking his pet to Europe.
Neuschwanstein Castle Guide
Neuschwanstein Castle is everybody's favorite fantasy castle. Built by King Ludwig between 1869 and 1886, you can visit Neuschwansein castle best armed with our travel guide.
Before You Go on a Motorhome Vacation in Europe...
Thinking about renting a motorhome or recreation vehicle (RV) in Europe? Here are the benefits and planning resources for a motorhome tour of Europe.
France City Map and Travel Guide
Map of France showing the best French travel destinations, regions, islands and French cities to visit.
Florence Train Station - Firenze Santa Maria...
Florence train station information. Transportation guide to travelers using the train station Firenze Santa Maria Novella.
Map of the Chateaux in the Loire Valley
Map of the Loire Valley of France with the important towns and chateaux to visit in the Loire valley.
Rail Passes - Which Eurail Pass is Right for You?
Rail passes have multiplied in recent years. Here are some tips on how to make sure you choose the best rail pass for your European vacation.
How to Visit Ancient Pompeii
Pompeii visitor guide. Learn how you can visit Pompeii or take a virtual visit through our Pompeii pictures.
Giverny and Vernon, France travel guide
Giverny and Vernon travel guide. Giverny is where the gardens and house of impressionist painter Claude Monet are located.
Rick Steves Roll-Aboard Carry On Bag Review
Review of the 21-inch Roll-Aboard carry on bag by Rick Steves. Carry on luggage professional review.
Packing Tips - Pack Your Suitcase to Minimize...
Packing tip II, rolling your clothes before putting them in the suitcase is the best way to beat wrinkling. Page 2.
Rome Map - Interactive Map of Rome
A map of Rome showing the major tourist destinations, Roman sites, and metro lines, with information on where to stay and when to go.
The Palace of Versailles - Pictures and Visitor...
The Palace of Versailles is one of the top attractions in France. Find out what you need to know about visiting Versailles, a 30 minute rail trip from the heart of Paris.
Germany Rail Map - German Train Travel
A rail travel planning map for train travel in Germany. German train travel is safe, comfortable and easy with our rail map of Germany and essential transportation information.
Balloning the Chianti Region of Tuscany
The landscape of Tuscany is best seen from a balloon, where you can get a great overview of the land the people work upon.
Hotels and their Star Ratings - What do they...
Knowing what the hotel star rating system means could save yourself some grief when looking for a decent place to stay in Europe.
Bavaria Map and Bavarian Travel Guide
Map of Bavaria in southern Germany and information on the best Bavarian towns and cities to visit and where to stay in Bavaria.
Spain Cities Map and Travel Guide
Map of Spain showing destination resources for travel to Spain citis, including rail maps, weather maps, language, tipping, and transportation facts and information.
Off Season Travel In Europe
Off season vacations in Europe can be very rewarding if you plan right. We feature tools and tips for spring and fall travel.
Greece Turkey Ferry Map and Travel Information
Greece to Turkey ferry map and ferry information for ferry and hydrofoil transportation between the Greek Islands and Turkey.
Top 6 Power Adapters for Travel
Power adapters allow you to run your US appliances and devices on European current when you travel, or in some cases, from your car, boat, or airplane.
Umbria Map - Best Umbrian Cities to Visit
Umbria makes a fine travel destination. Use our Umbria map to find the best Umbria cities to visit and get information on travel in Umbria.
How to get to Sardinia - Airlines and Ferries
A map of the travel routes to Sardinia from the Italian mainland. Find airports and ferry routes to Sardinia to plan your Sardinian vacation.
How to Plan a European Vacation
How to plan a European vacation. Here's an where to start if you're a first time European vacation planner using the travel information on the about.com network.
Santorini Map | Guide to Santorini Island
Map of Santorini and travel guide to the best towns, beaches, and archaeological sites to visit on the island of Santorini or Thira in the Cyclades Islands.
Tom Bihn Aeronaut Carry-On Bag Review
The Tom Bihn Aeronaut Carry-On Bag was our recent favorite on a trip to Europe. Professional review of the Tom Bihn Aeronaut bag.
Driving Distance between Cities in Germany -...
Driving Distance between Major Cities in Germany Need to drive between major cities seen in our Germany
Padua (Padova) Travel and Tourism Guide
Padua or Padova vacation guide. Padua, a short train ride from Venice, makes an excellent base for exploring the Veneto Region of Italy.
England Map | Top English Attractions
A map of England showing the best of England tourist attractions, from London to the Lake Country.
Do I need A Travel Visa to Visit a European...
Visa information for visiting the European Union, Shengen visa information.
Nudism and Naturism in Austria
Resources for the tourist to visit naturism parks and nude beaches in Austria. Nudism and FKK in Austria.
Scandinavia Suggested Itinerary - 2 Weeks in...
A Scandinavia itinerary map with instructions for a trip visiting the tourist high spots of Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland using public transportation.
Alsace Map | Travel Map of Alsace in France
Map of Alsace in France showing train lines and cities to visit in Alsace with visiting information for Alsatian tourist attractions.
Driving Nurburgring Race Track on Your Vacation...
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" >The Nürburgring.
Getting from Athens to Sunny Santorini
How to get from Athens to Santorini and back again by ferry, hydrofoil or airplane, with suggestions for extending your trip to Crete, a very different island.
European Safety - Tips for a safe trip to Europe
Scams, tricks, thievery and other things to watch out for when you travel within Europe, plus some hints on minimizing the potential for danger on your European trip.
Germany - The Castle Road - Map and Travel...
Germany's Castle Road is a great way to see Germany's medieval castles. Our map will get you to all the major sites on the Castle Road.
Before You Go on Your European Vacation - 6...
Here is what you need to get done about six months before your European vacation, part of our Europe Travel 101 series.
Booking Hotels - How to Get the Best Deals on...
Wondering how to find the best deals in European lodging? Here are strategies to deal with finding the best and cheapest hotels in Europe.
Rome Free and Rome on the Cheap
Suggestions for visiting Rome for the Frugal traveler. Rome attractions that are compelling and either free or cheap enough for the penny pinching tourist. Page 2.
France Rail Map - Getting Around France on the...
France rail map showing the major rail routes in France. Information on train travel in France.
The Pantheon in Rome - Know Before You Go
The Pantheon has survived plunder and invasions for 20 centuries to stand as the most complete example of Roman architecture known. Information on the building of the Pantheon, and how to visit the Pantheon in Rome.
Dijon, it's more than mustard you know!
Dijon, in the Burgundy region of France, known mostly by Americans for its mustard, offers the tourist many fine attractions. Dijon has a well-preserved medieval center and is the historic capital of the Burgundy wine region.
Vignette Austria - The Austria Road Tax and...
Vignette are the stickers you need to buy to drive on Austria's fast roads or toll roads.
Mont St Michel Map and Visiting Information
Mont St. Michele map and visitor information. Mont Saint Michel is a UNESCO world heritage site in France.
Germany - Regional Map and General Information
A map of Germany regions showing the German states with population and other tourism information.
Navigo Transportation Passes - Paris Passe...
Navigo and Navigo Découverte are the names of two new transportation passes for public transportation in Paris. How to buy a Navigo Découverte
Heidelberg Germany Travel Guide
Heidelberg is a popular travel destination in the southwest of Germany along the castle road, a University town with a romantic castle and great river views.
Basque Country Map - Euskal Herria map and...
A map of Basque country or Euskal Herria, with information about the Basque language, general tourism and travel information, and some notes about autonomy.
Bruges, Belgium: Beer, Chocolates and More!
Bruges is a wonderful Flemish city in northern Belgium with an amazing historic center, visiting information for Bruges, Belgium.
Nantes Travel Guide
Travel guide to Nantes, a French regional capital located along the Loire River in northwest France and interesting travel destination.
The Best Cities of Europe Part - The Italian...
More best big cities of Europe continued: Rome, Florence, Venice, and Madrid. Page 2.
Hallstatt, a UNESCO World Heritage Site you'll...
Hallstatt travel guide. Hallstatt is a village in Austria perched on the rim of Lake Hallstatt with salt mines that have been in operation since the iron age, 7000 years ago.
Top 8 Compact Digital Cameras for Travel
Compact digital cameras perfect for travel. Slip one of these travel cameras in your pocket before you take that European vacation.
Eurostar - Where Eurostar Trains Go - Why You...
Eurostar, the Chunnel Train: An introduction to the services of Eurostar, the high-speed trains that link London to Paris and Brussels.
Azores Map - Map of the Azores Islands and...
Azores Islands Map and transportation information for getting to and getting around the Azores Island archipelego.
How to get to Rothenburg ob der Tauber
Rothenburg transportation - how to get to Rothenburg ob der Tauber along the romantic road in Germany.
The Euro - European Currency Quick Guide
Here's your guide to the year's most significant change in European currency - the Euro.
Daphne Inn - Rome Bed and Breakfast Review
The Daphne Inn has two locations in Rome, both near the Piazza Barbarini, a very central location in Rome's historical center. The Daphne Inn is highly recommended.
How Long Can I Stay in Europe?
How Long Can I Stay in Europe? Long term stays in Europe are determined by the terms of the Schengen Agreement.
Wine Harvests in Europe - Working and...
It's not easy to work the wine harvest in Europe unless you know someone. Here are some leads to volunteering and working in European vineyards.
Map of Switzerland - Swiss Tourism and Travel...
Switzerland map showing Swiss travel destinations and travel essentials for Switzerland.
Champagne France Map and Travel Information
Map of the Champagne region of France with travel tips, major cities to visit, information on getting there, and other essential tourist information.
Florence, Italy Travel Essentials
Florence travel essentials for the tourist. What you need to know about Florence or Firenze Italy, from location within Italy to airports to museums in Florence.
Guide to the Italian city of Ferrara
One of Italy's best kept secrets, Ferrara is a Renaissance gem close to Venice and other tourist hot spots.
Suggested Itinerary - Amsterdam to Italy
Our suggested travel itinerary takes you from Amsterdam, through the best of Germany, Switzerland and Northern Italy's Lake Region. See it all on our travel itinerary map.
Tuscany Map and Travel Guide
Tuscany map and an guide to the cities and attractions that make the Italian region of Tuscany one of the best regions of Italy to visit.
Lascaux Map | Visiting Information for Lascaux II
Location map of Lascaux prehistoric painted caves and information on visiting Lascaux.
Map Netherlands - Map of Holland Tourism...
Map of the Netherlands showing the top tourist cities, train routes, and tourist and essential travel resources for the visitor to Holland.
Are Buy Back Car Leases better than Car Rental...
Buy Back leases offer a good alternative to renting a car in Europe for 17 days or more. The pros and cons of the French buy back lease are compared to traditional car rental in Europe.
Best ways to get between Munich and Rome
How to get from Munich, Germany to Rome, Italy by car, train and plane, along with links to maps, tickets and guides for both cities.
Crete Map and Travel Guide
Map of Greece showing location of Crete
Packing Your Bags for Your Vacation
How I pack for a long vacation. Packing 101.
Füssen, Germany Travel Guide
Füssen, a 700 year old city in southern Bavaria, is a gateway to Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau, the famous castles of the King's Nook in Germany.
Emergency Phone Numbers for Italy
Italian emergency telephone numbers may be essential for travelers to Italy. Here is a list of Italy's emergency telephone numbers.
Testaccio - Top Attractions in the Rome...
Testaccio, what is in Testaccio for the tourist to Rome? A virtual tour of the Rome neighborhood called Testaccio.
Barcelona Spain - Gaudi Picture Gallery
Barcelona Spain - Gaudi Picture Gallery - The Sagrada Familia.
Before You Go on Your First European Vacation -...
Here is what you need to get done about a month before your European vacation, part of our Europe Travel 101 series.
How to Request an Audience with the Pope in Rome
Information on requesting an audience with the pope in Rome's VAtican City.
Visiting Mount Vesuvius - An Illustrated Guide...
Information on Mount Vesuvius, including pictures of climbing to the crater and the views along the way.
Suggested Itinerary Northern Europe
Map of a suggested Itinerary in northern Europe covering 5 countries: London,Lille France, Belgium, Holland and Cologne, Germany.
Turkey Map | Western Turkey Travel Planning Map
Western Turkey Map From James Martin , Your Guide to Europe Travel . FREE Travel Newsletter. Sign Up
Rail Passes - Are They Worth It?
Rail passes are popular, but are rail passes worth the purchase price? Page 2.
Map of Italy - Interactive Map of Italian...
Interactive map of Italy for planning your vacation. Our map of Italy will make travel in Italy easy.
Top Small European Cities
Here's a list of the best European small cities, cities smaller than 200,000 population.
French Riviera Travel Planning
Map of the Côte d'Azur, known as the Azure coast or the French Riviera, with tourist destinations and hotel and attraction information.
France Regions Map
France regions map with regional information for planning regional vacations in France.
Portugal Map - Map of Portugal and Essential...
Map of Portugal showing major touist cities with essential information on travel to Portugal.
Brittany Map and Travel Information for Bretagne
Map of Brittany, France and Tourist information for the region of Brittany or Bretagne in northweast France.
Cyclades Map - Greece Island Hopping Information
Map of the Cyclades Islands, a Greek island group east of Athens and the Greek mainland.
Florence Peritola Airport Map | Aeroporto di...
A Location map of Florence Peritola Airport. Florence, Italy airport map and information.
Mykonos Map | Location of Mykonos Town and...
Map of Mykonos Island showing Mykonos town and airport as well as popular Mykonos beaches, including Paradise Beach, a popular nude beach on the island of Mykonos.
Food and Restaurant Expenses
Food expenses are highly variable and depend on your tastes as well as the quantity of food it takes to satisfy you. Here are my thoughts and expense stats from my working vacation. Page 3.
Do I Have to Buy Point to Point Train Tickets...
Train travel in Europe. Do you need to buy train tickets in advance for your European vacation? No, you can be carefree and choose the point to point route, buying train tickets as you go.
Mainau Island on Lake Constance in Germany
Pictures of Mainau Island on Lake Constance in Germany. Mainau island pictures.
Scenic Train Routes in Austria
Austria features some stunning scenic train rides. Here are the best scenic routes through Austria via rail.
Caffe Shakerato, the summer coffee
Caffe Shakerato. Iced espresso coffee, shaken, refreshing, cooling, and uplifting. Don't go to Italy in the summer without knowing what caffe shakerato is.
Baden Baden Travel Planner -- Germany
Baden Baden is a Black Forest spa town that's been bathed in since Roman times, plus there's good wine and cuisine. We'll tell you what you need to know to plan your travel to Baden-Baden and vicinity.
5 Cheap Ways to Eat in Stockholm
Guide to eating cheaply in Stockholm for the budget tourist.
Europe Travel Safety - Tips for a Safe Trip to...
Is European (or any other travel) unsafe? The right knowledge will help you avoid the great bulk of hazards found on the streets of any city. Page 2.
Florence for Foodies: Inside San Lorenzo Market
San Lorenzo market for foodies. San Lorenzo market, Mercato Centrale, has evolved into a haven for tourist foodies. See the foodie fun inside.
Pisa: Walk it--it's not just a Tower you know!
Pisa is more than the leaning tower, as long time Pisa resident Gloria Cappelli points out in her walking tour of Pisa. Find the best Pisa sites and even the best gelato here.
Youth travel
It's important that youth travel. Culture thrives on knowledge. Youth travel is often ignored in the US, a country trying to shape the world's culture.
Five Cheap Eats in Geneva
Geneva is an expensive city, we find cheap eats, restaurants that will feed you for little money, in Geneva, Switzerland
Map of Greece - Mainland and Peloponnese...
Map of Greece showing the Greek historic sites to visit on the Greek mainland and peloponnese. Greece map and suggested itinerary.
Top 7 European Guidebooks
European Travel Guides - Guidebooks to Western and Central Europe
Discover Munich!
Munich Germany guide--how to get around, language concerns, Munich hotels, restaurants, tipping, Munich weather and climate, and nudity in Munich's English Garden.

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