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Readers Respond: Best Food Markets in Europe

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I remember my first trip to the Cagliary (Sardinia) covered market and saw all the fish, fresh and odor free from the sea. It had more fish than any municipal aquarium I'd ever visited. Since then I've been to hundreds of covered and open air markets in Europe and the US, and have enjoyed them all. So what's your favorite food market in Europe?

best food market

the best ever is the covered and closed "Mercato Regionale di Torino". it is a wonderful place .

Aix-en-Provence market

I visited a really lovely small market on a square in Aix en Provence some years ago. Aside from tons of gorgeous produce, entertaining chatter among the standkeepers and artisanal cheeses and sausages on display, the warm Provence light was hitting the market in a way that made the whole experience seem absurdly idyllic. Straight out of a Gaugin painting.

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